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Concria™ Hard

Advanced lithium densifier, hardener, dust proofer, and micro-crack filler for polished concrete floors

Concria HARD is our Ultimate Lithium Densifier and hardener and is capable of filling pits and small cracks. This unique densifier penetrates deeply into the concrete surface, and chemically reacts with the concrete matrix and the surrounding atmosphere to produce an extremely dense and durable concrete floor. It is a clear liquid that will remain colorless when dry.

Using Concria™ HARD together with the Concria™ BEAST concrete grinding and polishing system, you will create an exceptional gloss and maximum DOI readings.



  • Create a safer working and living environment by eliminating dust
  • The most cost-effective densifying and micro crack-filling system by m2
  • Fills pits and small cracks while densifying concrete at the same time
  • FiSIAQ approved! The Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (FiSIAQ) have awarded ConcriaTM HARD with their highest standard of emission classification
  • Simple to use: no scrubbing or rinsing needed, and it cures quickly
  • Maximum shine, exceptional gloss, and high DOI readings
  • Zero-VOC, absolutely «GREEN», planet-safe, and water-based
  • Easy to use and maintain!
  • Hardens and dust-proofs concrete surfaces in days rather than weeks!
  • Does not contribute to surface ASR or promote crazing
  • Drying time is 30-60 minutes under standard conditions, and achieves full strength after just 7 days


Troweled surfaces:

  • First coat approx. 400–800 ft2 / US gal (10 – 20 m² / liter)
  • Second coat approx. 800–1600 ft2 / US gal (20 – 40 m² / liter)

Ground and polished surface:

  • 400–800 ft2 / US gal (10 – 20 m² / liter)

Application procedure

You can use Concria HARD lithium densifier on both new and old concrete and dry-shake floors. With the Concria BEAST system, you can fill small cracks, pinholes, and pit marks during the densification process.

Floor maintenance tips

  • Do not use acidic cleaners (with pH below 7) to maintain treated floors
  • Clean up all spills promptly to minimize possible damage
  • Daily removal of surface dust with a microfiber pad or dry dust mop help to maintain the desired appearance
  • Regular maintenance cleaning with an auto-scrubber and a diamond-impregnated pad will improve surface shine