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Concria™ Hard Nano Silica

Finishing aid and hardener for concrete floors

Concria™ HARD NANO SILICA (NS) is superior quality Finishing Aid which makes flatwork finishing easier, faster, and better. Concria™ HARD NS can be used also for as a concrete densifier and hardener for existing concrete floor during grinding and polishing process. The Chemical reaction produces a denser concrete surface, which reduces abrasion wear and dust formation.

Applied during floating and troweling, Concria™ HARD NS lubricates the surface, increases cream for a bet- ter finish, slows surface drying and premature set, and eliminates the need for additional water.
Because it slows moisture-loss, Concria™ HARD NS significantly extends workability time under adverse conditions such as wind, high heat, sun, or low humidity.

Using Concria™ HARD NS as a finishing aid, this nano-sized technology creates barrier which minimaze water to evaporate which ultimately eliminates volume loss cracking and curling. Concria™ HARD NS highly reduces the potential for efflorescence and also minimizes the potential for crazing, and other drying-related surface issues.

Using Concria™ HARD NS during the floating it makes cement hydration more efficient, so there is more cement paste available for the finisher. Well hydrated, dense cement paste slows moisture loss during finishing and permanently improves slab performance. The surface which is treated with Concria™ HARD NS during the casting, doesn’t need any silicate (Lithium, Sodium, Potassium) treatment later. This is huge time saver  for example in the concrete polishing projects. Concria™ HARD NS becomes a permanent part of the slab, there is nothing to remove, and curing is effectively extended, reducing water vapor transmission through the slab. Improved surface consolidation and densifying reaction result in increased surface compressive strength and durability.



  • Helps finishing under hot, dry, sunny & windy conditions
  • Lubricates for more efficient closing of surface
  • Highly reduces efflorescence
  • Harden and dustproof concrete surface
  • Extend workability of slab surface to achieve best possible finish
  • Does not alter the water the water to cement ratio
  • Help to receive lower RA and higher DOI number
  • Easy to use, densifies “green” or existing surface
  • Reduces water vapor transmission
  • Easier application of shake-on hardeners
  • Reduces potential for curling and crazing