Innovative diamond discs and chemicals for concrete floors

Concria manufactures patented diamond grinding tools, polishing tools, and chemicals for industrial and architectural decorative concrete floors.

Professional Concria™ FAST system for power trowels

In just five minutes and seven steps, our Concria™ FAST system will transform your power trowel into a diamond grinding and polishing machine. We can help you avoid the need for altering your equipment, dealing with long cables, or creating airborne dust, and instead help you easily polish as much as 10,000 sq ft (1 000 m²) per day with one 8-foot power trowel.

Our patented, award-winning polishing system

Our Concria™ FAST system is not just for polishing concrete, but can also be used for grinding and achieving the “salt and pepper” look. This innovative trowel polish system has been patented in the USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Russia and China, and won both the coveted Most Innovative Product Industry’s Choice Award and the Most Innovative Product Industry’s Choice Award at World of Concrete, 2015.

With Concria™ FAST, polishing and grinding concrete will be a bliss.

Concria™ BEAST system for grinding machines

The discs in the Concria™ BEAST system are made from premium materials, and are intended for grinding machines used on concrete and dry shake surfaces. These discs are engineered for longevity and performance, boasting an impressive lifespan that will minimize your overall costs while delivering exceptional gloss and clarity.

Fill small cracks, pinholes, and pit marks during the densification process

When used in conjunction with the Concria™ HARD lithium densifier, Concria™ BEAST diamond discs for concrete provide unparalleled finish quality. As an added benefit, you can fill small cracks, pinholes, and pit marks during the densification process, and achieve a Distinction of Image value of more than 90.

Delivering the Ultimate Lithium Densifier for finishing polished concrete

Concria™ HARD is the ultimate lithium densifier, creating a dust-free shine while hardening the surface and filling pits and small cracks. It accomplishes this impressive to-do list by penetrating deep into the concrete and reacting with both the concrete matrix and surrounding atmosphere.

High-Performance Sealer for fast power trowel burnishing

Concria™ GUARD is our patented, high-performance, acrylic copolymer sealer, intended for polished concrete and all uncoated cementitious surfaces. This shiny, protective film not only makes your floor easier to clean, but it also delivers a chemical-resistant barrier for polished concrete.

Concria™ GUARD can be burnished with ride-on trowels, making it much faster to apply on polished concrete floors than traditional sealers.


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