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The beautiful and strong Concria™ PRO concrete floor

Get the best out of your concrete floor with a highly polished “salt and pepper” finish

Concria™ PRO gives you a polished, salt and pepper finished concrete floor. It is the concept of choice when you want to get the very most out of your floor, delivering a high-gloss surface that is just as durable and practical as it is beautiful. It is suitable for both industrial and design concrete floors.

You’re just 7 steps away from the very best results

The Concria PRO concept has 7 steps, each designed to help uncover the strongest concrete surface, fine aggregates, and highest gloss finish. It all begins with approximately 1 mm of surface material being ground away.

Your polished, glossy surface is then hardened with Concria HARD, the ultimate lithium densifier, and finally sealed with Concria GUARD. This special sealer is intended for power trowels. It makes the floor 100% dust-free, adds durability, and is both low maintenance and resistant to tire marks.

Concria PRO is suitable for both new and old concrete floors, but the concrete surface must be smooth before starting the grinding and polishing process. Otherwise, due to the nature of concrete construction, the aggregate may be exposed unevenly in the surface.