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700m² warehouse facility in Bremen, Germany

Polished concrete floors made with an auto-scrubber and high-speed burnisher

From a dusty, difficult-to-clean industrial floor to a dust-free, high-gloss surface in record time – another success story from Concria!

The client had recently moved into their new facility and began encountering problems with dust and surface cleaning.

The major problem was the concrete floor and its micro-roughness, which leaves the floor vulnerable to dusting and tire-marks from trucks, and makes it difficult to get the floor truly clean. Dust settled inside the rough concrete surface and became virtually impossible to remove completely.

On the first day of operation, the company used two conventional scrubber-driers with the patented Concria FAST discs. They started out with the Step 1 (blue) discs, completing four passes with the machines to remove the worst part of the micro-roughness. They then progressed to using Step 2 (yellow) with another four passes, and already the surface was a lot smoother than before.

The final grinding stages of the day involved Step 3 (orange) and Step 4 (red) discs with three passes, at which point the floor was ready for an application of Lithium Densifier solution. This product not only dust-proofs the entire floor but also makes the concrete stronger and up to 10x more durable. After these steps, the surface had a nice satin finish, but this company wanted even more.

On the second day, the company was done using the conventional scrubber-driers and started using a high-speed burnisher with the Concria DIP attached. They started with 1000 grit, and an incredible level of shine began to emerge. Two passes were all that was needed before quickly switching to grit 2000 for another two passes. Now the floor was ready to receive a coat of Protective Sealer, closing the pores of the concrete and making it resistant to water, oil, grease, etc. After leaving the floor to soak up this treatment for approx. 35 minutes, the final step was to polish the floor with the highest grit: 3500. The resulting polish was incredible, achieving an average reading of 60 on a certified gloss meter.

The entire process of polishing the concrete floor was completed in less than 16 hours under the management of just two people, and with only normal cleaning equipment.

Needless to say, the company was extremely happy with the results. Not only did they now have a completely dust free floor, resistant to pollution from water, oil, and grease, but they had also saved a lot of money by avoiding conventional concrete grinders. The cost of on-going care and maintenance is now minimal, requiring only routine cleaning without any expensive solutions or labor-intensive, wax-based toppings.

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