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Suomen Betonilattiat

Thanks to Concria™ FAST, “there is no reason to use conventional grinders anymore”

Suomen Betonilattiat, one of the largest concrete flatwork contractors in Finland, was the first company worldwide to use the Concria™ trowel polishing system in their own warehouse.

Antero Kuoppala, the CEO and founder of Suomen Betonilattiat, understood the logic immediately behind this new system and the potential it held for his business. He decided to use the Concria FAST trowel polish system in the Tampere City Convention Center. The project began only 3 weeks after the initial test.

They were supposed to do a 6-step polishing with a conventional 650mm-wide grinder (50#–1500#), and their calculations showed that they could make around 80m² of finished floor per day.

“After the first week it become very clear to us that there is no reason to use conventional grinders anymore for new industrial concrete floors, because we could made over 2000m² with the 6-step Concriasystem in only two days. New industrial concrete floor polishing cannot possibly be any easier or faster than the Concriatrowel polishing system,” Kuoppala says.

“Furthermore, the big advantage is that we can make the entire concrete polishing process without any cords getting in the way, as our ride-on power trowels work with gasoline and the scrubber driers, for cleaning away the slurry, work with batteries. Previously when on a job, working with 11Kw floor grinders and 4Kw vacuums, we would waste a lot of time simply because of problems with electricity,” Kuoppala continues.

Polishing concrete floor

“High abrasion-resistant floors are not synonymous with ease of cleaning and this is the biggest reason as to why a new industrial concrete floor should be polished. Even though you can create concrete floors, which are extremely durable, it doesn’t mean that they are easy to clean – this is where the end-user can save a substantial amount of money after installation. Another great reason is the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the ConcriaFAST trowel polish system. I wholeheartedly recommend that all concrete flooring companies try this fantastic Concria trowel polish system and see for themselves how easy it is to create better floors for their clients. Concriais certainly a system we will continue using as it’s easy and brings us a good profit, and because of the low cost of the system we are getting more work than ever before for polishing industrial concrete and dry-shake floors. In fact, we are even targeting some of our old customers with floors we have done years ago, to do refurbishment jobs,” Mr. Kuoppala says before he goes on to do yet another job with the ConcriaFAST trowel polish system.