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Are you ready to enjoy grinding and polishing concrete floors?

Take concrete floors to the next level and make more profit with the Concria FAST system!

The Concria FAST trowel polish system transforms your power trowel into a grinding and polishing machine in just 5 minutes – without any tooling or changes.

“Construction schedules are very tight today, often not leaving enough time for traditional grinding and polishing. Concria FAST system allows us to produce over 10,000 sq ft (1 000 m2) of polished concrete in a working day.” – Concria FAST system customer

Grind and polish the concrete floor 80 % faster than before

Polish 10,000 sq ft (1 000 m2) a day with Concria trowel polishing! Trowel polishing increases concrete’s abrasion resistance and creates a 100% dust-free, low maintenance surface.

The most cost-effective way to mechanically grind and polish concrete

Win more contracts by offering polished concrete at a fraction of the cost of traditional concrete grinding and polishing methods. And, get more satisfied customers by creating durable floors that are glossy, 100% dust-free, and easy to clean.

Do you have difficulty removing curing agents?

You can use the Concria™ system to remove curing agents, bond breakers, and tire marks from the concrete surface without interrupting the construction schedule. Your Concria™ FAST system can also be used to rejuvenate an old concrete floor!

Create clarity

The Concria™ FAST system is designed for wet grinding. Concria’s high-quality diamond discs are specifically engineered for power trowel grinding and polishing, and can be attached to flexible mounting pads that allow for the maximum level of diamond contact. Concria™ FAST system creates clarity – Distinction of image (DOI) values often climb as high as 90.


  • The Most Innovative Product 2015
  • The world’s first, original system, since 2012
  • Patented in USA, Canada, China, EU, Russia, and Australia
  • Professional technical support


  • The easiest and safest system
  • No need for electricity


  • 80% faster than traditional grinding machines
  • Changes your power trowel into a grinding machine in just 5 minutes


  • Long-life discs cover up to 40,000 sq ft (4 000 m2)
  • Allows maximum diamond contact across high and low spots
  • Creates high clarity – distinction of image (DOI) is more than 90
  • Increases abrasion resistance


  • Fulfills the global safety regulations for power trowels
  • Pleasant driving experience without wobbling


Training days – get real support from professionals

We make a few amazing claims about our Concria™ systems, and if you’re a little skeptical, well, we understand!

So, is it really possible to grind and polish with a power trowel? Or to create a salt and pepper finish? Or, how about achieving such high DOI readings? Yes, it is! We welcome you to our Training Centers, located in Chicago (USA) and Ylöjärvi (Finland). All of our trainers have years, some even decades, of experience grinding and polishing concrete floors, and we would love to show you, in person, what our unique systems are capable of.

We also welcome you to check our references, videos, and case studies.

Concria™ FAST wet grinding

The Concria FAST system is a wet grinding technique that suitable for all new concrete floors after the construction process is complete. Wet grinding older floors, however, is also possible.

Get the same results faster

Water helps to cut concrete more effectively and sometimes allows you to use only hybrid tooling and skip the metal bond passes (or need fewer). This increases your efficiency, making the work faster and easier.

On new concrete floors, there is no need for the metal bond pass since our aggressive 25# grit resin creates “salt and pepper” finishes so quickly. It is easier to remove the lighter scratch pattern and create beautiful, polished concrete surfaces. In short, you get the same final appearance with less work by wet grinding.

Stay healthy

Don’t risk your health. It is good to minimize exposure to respirable silica dust because it can cause Silicosis, a respiratory disease with no known treatment or cure. Wet grinding and polishing the concrete floor reduces the amount of dust created to next to none.

Be faster, reduce labor costs, and enjoy!

You can start with a higher grit and complete jobs in fewer passes. Our system allows you actually to enjoy the wet grinding process, and leave behind the struggle to remove scratches from metal bond tooling while minimizing the risk of regrinding.