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Economical and beautiful floor

Traditionally, concrete floors have been hidden under other flooring material, such as different coatings or tiles. Why stack layer upon layer, wasting time and money, when you can create a beautiful, durable, glossy polished concrete floor?

Polished concrete is enjoying unprecedented popularity on a global scale. It’s not hard to see why: concrete offers superior durability and performance. It requires less maintenance than coatings, natural stone, terrazzo tiles and many other materials. Concrete floor is the perfect choice for industrial warehouses, logistic centers, big-box retailers, commercial properties, offices, and more.

What are the benefits of choosing polished concrete?

Save costs

  • Economical – Using your existing slab as the finished floor surface is more cost-effective than installing different floor materials over it
  • Keep Maintenance Costs Down – No waxing required. Grinding and polishing down the road is simple
  • Endurance – Long service life and increased resistance to foot traffic and machinery

Save time

  • Less Maintenance – Polished concrete floors are easy to clean, and there is no need for waxing and coatings
  • Easier and Faster to Fix – Re-grinding and polishing can be done even if your facility’s doors are open 24/7

Good for your health (and the planet)

  • Polished concrete allows the floor to breathe, eliminating common issues caused by other flooring materials that seal and suffocate the surface
  • Polished concrete does not require hazardous coatings, cleaners, or adhesives
  • Highly-polished floors save energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting
  • Very good fire resistance compared to many other materials
  • Concrete is a sustainable option if you use an existing concrete slab, avoiding the consumption of new materials

An economical way to enjoy a beautiful look and excellent performance

  • Polished concrete looks a bit like marble or granite, but is much more economical
  • Highly polished surfaces offer a clean, professional image – this is especially important for public facilities
  • Concrete floors do not have as many joints, creating a surface that is easier to clean and has fewer weak points
  • Very high abrasion resistance

Concria™ floors are the choice of a new century

Concria polished concrete is made possible by utilizing either our  Concria FAST power trowel grinding and polishing system, or Concria BEAST grinding machine polishing system.

Our systems capitalize on concrete’s versatility and durability. They provide a cost-effective way for you to leverage these benefits. We provide three primary types of economical Concria floors:

The most economical Concria™ polished concrete floors

Concrete grinding and polishing have never been this fast, easy, or effective. Concria™ trowel polished floors are much more abrasion resistant and smoother than floors that are treated with only concrete densifiers. After using the Concria™ system, dirt and grime no longer collect on the concrete or dry-shake, and you have a 100% dust-free surface.

Save time and money

Thanks to Concria™ , concrete floors can be polished faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Construction schedules are very tight, often not leaving enough time for traditional grinding and polishing. Concria™ allows contractors to produce over 10,000 ft2 of polished concrete in a single workday, compared to the 1,000 – 2,000 ft2 completed by traditional equipment.

Beauty and gloss

The gloss level can be adjusted to your liking, ranging from an extremely high degree of shine to satin, gloss, or our cloudy Concria Unique finish. Concrete polished to a mirror finish reflects light and does not require any wax or coating.

100% dust-free and easy to clean

After Concria polishing, the floor is 100 % dust-free, as dirt and grime can no longer collect on the surface. Polishing reduces the need to clean concrete floors and makes maintenance easier and faster.

Durable and abrasion resistant

Concria increases your concrete’s abrasion resistance, empowering your floor to withstand heavy forklift and foot traffic better. Concria polished concrete also will never peel, chip, or flake like epoxy coatings or painted finishes. As an added benefit, polished concrete has a longer lifespan than vinyl composite tile (VCT) or upgraded stone tile; it only needs to be refinished once every five to ten years.


Concria systems enhance the special features of concrete, smoothing and polishing the surface without harsh chemicals. Both the agents used in finishing and Concria’s own production process are environmentally friendly.


Why choose Concria™ floors over other polished concrete floors?

 Save time and money without sacrificing quality

Concria flooring is definitely a more economical flooring option than the traditional ground and polished floor. Without sacrificing finish quality, the price is lower and polishing time is reduced by 80 %! With the Concria FAST system, you can expect high-quality polished concrete floors with a distinction of image (DOI) reading of more than 90.

Trust the real professionals

Compared to other trowel polish systems for concrete, the Concria FAST system is safe, high-quality, and professional-grade. It’s the first system in the world of its kind, born out of the problem-solving ingenuity of a Finnish concrete grinding contractor. The Concria system is used by Bermanto Oy in Finland, another company owned by the owners of Concria – we know the system works because we use it ourselves, and put it to test constantly. Our direct experience and development also allow us to provide the best training possible for contractors around the world.

Trust the original, patented system

The Concria system has been awarded The Most Innovative Product 2015 in the USA. It is patented in the USA, Canada, China, EU, Russia, and Australia. Our system fulfills all the safety regulations globally, including both EN 12649 and ISO 13105-2 power trowel safety requirements.

Go green

A Concria floor is a green floor! It is sustainable, made with low-VOCs, and all the chemicals used are non-solvent based. Concria flooring is not vulnerable to humidity or moisture damage, and can’t harbor mold, mildew, dust mites, or other allergens.

What kind of flooring projects is Concria™ suited for?

The Concria polished concrete floors are suitable for almost all industrial, commercial, and public buildings. In fact, it might be easier to list which types of surfaces are NOT ideal for Concria: floors that are exposed to harsh chemicals, extreme pH substances, or wet processing.

Is Concria™ flooring slippery?

A Concria floor may look like glass because of the high gloss, but it is completely safe to walk on when kept clean and dry. In fact, it is less slippery than waxed terrazzo or polished marble. For extra traction, you can also use rubber mats or area rugs in high-traffic entryways.

Are all polished concrete floors the same?

Don’t be fooled by seeing superficially glossy concrete floors. “All that glitters is not gold,” as they say. It is important that you know what to look for if you need a high-quality and economical polished concrete flooring.

The CPAA* has defined polished concrete as: “The act of changing a concrete floor surface, with or without aggregate exposure, until the desired level of a glossy finish is achieved.”

There are three basic versions of polished concrete according to the CPAA:

  • Bonded abrasive polished concrete
  • Burnished polished concrete
  • Topical polished concrete

Bonded abrasive polished concrete is defined as the processing of a concrete floor surface with bonded abrasives until the desired class of aggregate exposure and the desired level of glossy finish is achieved. Concria floors are based on this process; the concrete floor is ground and polished with diamond tools using a multi-step mechanical process. The end result is real – you get the durable salt and pepper finish, and the characteristic high-gloss look is achieved by polishing it properly.

“Processing” is further defined as the act of changing a concrete floor surface by means of a multi-step mechanical process that involves cutting and/or refining the surface to its maximum potential with a bonded abrasive medium. Each step cuts progressively finer microscopic peaks and valleys.

Burnished polished concrete is defined as the friction created by rubbing a concrete floor surface with abrasive pads until the desired level of glossy finish is achieved. It is cheap to buy because real diamond tools are not used. It is just burnishing the cement glue, and that’s why it does not have the durability that bonded, abrasive polished concrete can boast. The floor is not as easy to clean either because diamond abrasive polished concrete is always the smoothest. 

Topical polished concrete is the application of a liquid coating to a concrete floor surface to achieve a glossy finish. It creates a false shine – one that does not last long. You might be surprised by the maintenance costs as well; maintaining a false shine will cost you a fortune!

*) The Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) was formed in November 2009 to create standards for processing concrete to a polished finish, and to help define these processes so that architects, designers, and consumers could better understand the selection process.


Is it wasting money to polish your brand new industrial floor? Does it need it?

We all have seen new concrete floors that can be finished well and are even glossy without grinding and polishing. It can be difficult to understand why new, well-made flooring needs grinding and polishing at all. It’s also extremely cheap to trowel new concrete and add lots of curing agent to create an attractive shine.

The end result, however, is drastically different. It may be glossy, but it will also be sticky, difficult to clean and maintain, and will grow less attractive over time. The soft film and cement glue will quickly be worn out from foot traffic and machinery. Concria floor is the economical floor. By investing in Concria flooring and properly polishing your new concrete, you will get your money back in short order by drastically saving on maintenance costs and enjoying a much longer lifecycle.

Cleaning poses a new set of problems for floors with a false shine. Troweled flooring has a “micro-roughness” that may look good, but it is not as smooth as a polished surface. Because of the micro-roughness, cleaning will never completely remove dust, and dirty wash water will accumulate on the surface. In fact, the next time you clean, the dust created by this old, dirty wash water will swirl into the air, causing potential health issues, contaminating stored items, and even damaging your expensive machinery.

Concria flooring is 100% dust-free, and the dirt and grime will no longer collect on the concrete because the micro-roughness is removed during the polishing process.