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Mika Ahonen

Mika Ahonen, an owner and the CEO of Concria, is passionate about developing innovative grinding, polishing, and cleaning products for concrete floors. He has refined his innate gifts by graduating with a specialist qualification in product development. He has been involved in projects on five continents and is one of the owners of Bermanto Oy, the largest concrete flatwork contractor in Finland.

Mika has been raised in the concrete and terrazzo floor grinding family business. In fact, he began grinding and polishing on worksites when he was 13 years old. He now has 23 years of practical industry experience behind him and is continually drawing on that experience to research and develop more effective, efficient ways to grind and polish concrete floors.

His latest innovation is the patented Concria™ FAST trowel polish system which transforms any ride-on or walk-behind power trowel into a grinding, polishing, and cleaning machine. Concria™ FAST system won the Most Innovative Product Industry’s Choice Award at World of Concrete, 2015.

Mikko Ahonen

Mikko Ahonen, an owner of Concria, has also been raised in (and for!) the grinding business. Like Mika, Mikko began work at age 13, earning pocket money during the summer by working in his father’s company. Years later, he worked as a responsible site manager in Dyny Oy (formerly the largest grinding company in Finland).

With over 20 years of experience, Mikko is responsible for the logistics of Concria and is involved in testing and developing the Concria products. He is also one of the owners of Bermanto Oy, the largest concrete flatwork contractor in Finland. Bermanto is naturally using the Concria™ system, so Mika and Mikko are in an ideal position to see how the Concria™ systems work in practice.

Viljo Ahonen

Viljo Ahonen, Mika and Mikko’s father, is an owner of Concria and Bermanto Oy, and the man responsible for raising and grooming his sons for the concrete business from a young age. Viljo established his first business, a cleaning company, in the 1970s. In the 1980s he invented the first Finnish protective agent as a better alternative to covering concrete floors in layers of wax.

Because “cleaning and waxing are not enough when the surface is worn”, Viljo pioneered the floor grinding process in the 1990s.

In the 2000s, Viljo began polishing concrete floors – a solution that was really never considered before.



Neil Roach

Neil Roach, one of the owners of Architectural Concrete Supplies, LLC, has been in the concrete industry for over 20 years. He is the Regional VP & General Manager of Redimere Surface Solutions, the Council Director of the DCC, and volunteers his time to Christian and Veterans’ organizations. Neil and his team of concrete professionals took home the coveted Experts’ Choice in Artistry & Decorative Pavilion Award at the World of Concrete in 2014, and first place from Concrete Decor Magazine in the Polished, Over 5,000 Square Feet category. Neil’s team has won multiple awards at the ASCC / DCC awards in Las Vegas, including four first-place and four second-place awards in various categories. Neil has also produced polished concrete and polished overlays nationwide, as well as internationally.

Neil is active in a MIX Group (ASCC) as well as a member of CONVENE in Chicago, a Christ-focused business organization. Neil is an NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) certified instructor and teaches numerous subjects, including Concrete Finishing, Architectural Concrete, Leadership, Communication, and Sales. Neil has been involved in multiple demonstrations with the DCC of ASCC and lectured at a local state university in its Construction Management program.

Neil has high values and morals; these are not only apparent in his professional career, but in his personal life as well. In addition, Neil is a competitor driven by his passion for providing quality service with a personal goal of complete customer satisfaction. We appreciate his philosophy: “When we don’t know we ask, when we know we share, and when we’re asked we investigate. We do what we say we will do; we are honest, we’re transparent, and, as we grow we will give back to the industry and the community.”