The fastest and easiest concrete polishing solutions

Welcome to the world of Concria, where the results are concrete and polished. We are pioneers of trowel polishing and our aim is to offer fastest and easiest concrete floor solutions in the market. Concria trowel polishing system has been successfully used for polishing concrete floors in over 40 countries, for new and old floors alike. Our videos demonstrate the benefits and high DOI of polished concrete.

Special online store offer -30 % for Concria™ Slide Blades

Patented Concria™ Slide Blades can be easily slided on the standard 6” metal finishing blades in just seconds without any screwing. You can use the system on every stage of finishing or change quickly under trowel for final passes. Check out our special offer -30 % for pre-orders.

✔️ Produces a really uniform and aesthetic surface
✔️ No burn marks. No scratches. Better shine.
✔️ Provides same hard finish as metal blades

Concria™ Fast power trowel polishing

The system transforms your power trowel into a grinding and polishing machine in just few minutes – without screwing, drilling or changes to trowel. Concria Power trowel polishing has an average labor reduction of 80% compared to traditional planetary grinding as you can polish 10k+ sq ft/hr per grit.

✔️3 step polishing for cream finish

✔️7 step polishing for salt&pepper finish

✔️Cost is average ONLY $0,03/step


Concria Optimal Slab™ colorful concrete topping

Topping is applied on freshly laid concrete. You can save time significantly in the construction schedule as polishing can start already after 7 days from casting. Mechanically polished surface does not need gloss given sealer.

✔️2x more durable than 5000 psi concrete

✔️Lower lifetime cycle cost than regular polished concrete

✔️Many color options including pure white


Revolutionary system for commercial and industrial floors. Download it now, and dive into the world of Concria.

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Concria manufactures patented concrete floors diamond grinding and polishing tools. Awarded Concria system transform any power trowel into a diamond grinding and polishing machine in just 5 minutes – Without any tooling or changes to your power trowel!