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Shiny and unique concrete floor

Concria™ UNIQUE

If you would like a truly unique finish for your new concrete floors, Concria™ UNIQUE is the right choice. The aggregates are not exposed, and the concrete paste is polished without being ground away. The result is a rich, cloud-like finish that is still high-gloss – it’s stunning!

4 step process

The Concria™ UNIQUE system includes four different polishing steps:

  • First, the concrete is highly polished
  • The glossy surface is then hardened with Concria™ HARD
  • The ultimate lithium densifier is applied
  • Finally, the surface is sealed with Concria™ GUARD, a special sealer for power trowels that makes the floor 100% dust-free, more durable, easy to clean, and more resistant to tire marks from forklifts and dirt

Important! Concria™ UNIQUE is suitable only for new concrete floors; the concrete surface must be smooth with good surface treatment during casting. Irregularities in the concrete surface’s color and appearance will not be removed by polishing.