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Made for professionals, by professionals

Concria’s success story can be traced back to a man named Viljo Ahonen who cleaned floors professionally in the 1970s. In 1991, he established a grinding company called Dyny Oy with the help of his two sons (Dyny Oy is now part of the Bermanto group, Finland’s largest concrete contractor). Finally, in 2014, the father and son team established Concria Oy in Finland.

Decades of experience led to revolutionary innovation in the concrete cleaning and polishing industry

Our goal here at Concria is to harness our decades of industry experience and create real solutions for both floor cleaning and grinding professionals.

We are familiar with the challenges posted by micro-roughness. If you clean floors, you know that washing (even with strong chemicals) does not offer a real solution for dust accumulation and cleanup. The same is true for those in the floor grinding industry.

Eliminating micro-roughness through traditional methods simply grows too expensive, especially for large sites. This led us to pursue and develop a better alternative.

The ConcriaFAST-system was developed as a solution for our own projects

Necessity is the mother of invention… and innovation.

We first developed the Concria™ FAST system as an answer to our own needs. Once we realized how successful and useful it is, we decided to present our system as an economical solution to the same problems shared by flooring contractors around the world.

Innovations in protective, agent-based grinding methods

The roots of Concria’s story extend back to the 1970s when Viljo Ahonen from Finland established a company offering cleaning services. Not long after he opened his doors, Mr. Ahonen discovered the challenges posed by concrete floors, and got to work finding a creative solution.

“At the outset of the 1980s, there were no other methods to protect stone floors other than with wax. Using common sense, it was hard to understand why a hard stone surface was covered with a soft plastic coating which afterwards was removed – sometimes several times a year,” Mr. Ahonen explains.

The continuous waxing sessions drove Mr. Ahonen to develop Finland’s first protective agent for stone surfaces. Demand exploded for the invention, and at the end of the 1980s Mr. Ahonen began to carry out a larger number of stone surface protection projects. At the root of the issue he worked so hard to address was the fact that there was simply no equipment available that could effectively grind stone floors. Surfaces were instead covered by layer upon layer of wax, and were never refurbished. This observation led Mr. Ahonen to develop a practical, effective grinding method for supermarkets and other public buildings.

Achieving market leadership in the grinding field

In 1992, the cleaning operations switched to a new enterprise that focused on grinding: Dyny Oy. Over the last 20 years, Dyny has rehabilitated, ground, treated, and protected concrete and terrazzo floors, gathering valuable experience as each floor’s unique characteristics were encountered.

Dyny has grown to become Finland’s largest operator in the field, servicing projects that rank among the largest in the country. Mikko and Mika Ahonen, who function as Concria’s CEOs, are following in the footsteps of their father as the current owners of Dyny.

Since 2016 Dyny Oy has been part of the Bermanto group, a leading concrete flatwork contractor in Finland with a more than 20 million dollar turnover.

Revolutionary innovation

In 2012, the Ahonen family decided to establish a company called Concria Oy dedicated to selling diamond tools.

Our latest innovation is the patented Concria™ FAST trowel polish system which transforms any ride-on power trowel into a grinding, polishing, and cleaning machine. The Concria system creates a smooth, glossy, dense, and easy-to-maintain surface in record time across both concrete and dry-shake floors. Concrete grinding and polishing has simply never been easier.