Trust professional power trowel grinding and polishing system!

Concrete grinding and polishing has never been this easy and fast! Using original Concria™ FAST power trowel polishing system you can work 80 % faster than with a traditional grinding system. The Concria™ FAST polishing system is fast, but it won’t sacrifice quality. In fact, you can expect an extremely high Distinction of Image (DOI) value on a well-finished concrete floor surface.

Diamond discs and chemicals for concrete floors

Today, we have expanded our offerings to include the manufacturing of diamond tools and chemicals for concrete floors. Concria™ BEAST system includes the diamond discs for grinding machines and Concria™ HARD, a lithium densifier for hardening and filling pits and small cracks on the concrete floor surface. The surface is finished using Concria™ GUARD, a high-performance sealer for power trowel burnishing. It creates a shiny, protective film that not only makes your concrete floor easier to clean, but also delivers a chemical-resistant barrier for honed and polished concrete floor.

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We are excited to offer Concria™ Training centers in both the USA and Europe. Every member of our team is a grinding and polishing professional, and we are dedicated to giving you the knowledge and tools you need to grow your business!

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Concria manufactures patented concrete floors diamond grinding and polishing tools. Awarded Concria system transform any power trowel into a diamond grinding and polishing machine in just 5 minutes – Without any tooling or changes to your power trowel!